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Anyone want to go to an `InstallFest' in Virginia ?

If you can help out, please contact Clemmitt directly.


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Hello Ian,

I apologize for adding to your mail-load.  I simply don't know
whomelse to ask this.  The debian-devel mailing list doesn't seem

Our users' group (Linux/Unix Users' Group of Virginia Tech) is having
an on-campus InstallFest on Saturday, December 5th.  One of our members
has a contact at Red Hat, and they currently plan to send a rep to
the IF.

Since I'm a Debian advocate, I said I'd contact "someone" in Debian to
see if a Debian rep. could come to the IF.  Now, given that Debian is
a non-profit organization I imagine that such a thing may not be as easy
as it is for Red Hat :^)  However, I know there was a Debian booth at
ALS, so I thought I'd just ask.

Please let me know with a quick, yea, nea, or perhaps answer, and
more details as appropriate and you have time.  Thanks for your
time and trouble.

					Clemmitt Sigler
					Linux/Unix Users' Group
						of Virginia Tech

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