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Re: Are DFSG free package in non-us part of Debian?

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > > user that some selected package depends on some other package which is
> > > not on his CD for some reason, asking him to confirm selection (if he
> > > happens to have another CD with that package) or not.  It's a
> > 
> > This is the wrong way.  This will destroy the well thought dependency
> > system of Debian.  We have dependencies and recommends because package
> > need other packages.  We cannot break this or we will end up in a
> > screwed system.  Dependencies and Recommends exist for a reason, not
> > for the time being.
> "This will destroy the well thought dependency system of Debian"??? Why so?
> We have apt, apt can get the packages from anywhere. It doesn't care if it
> is ftp.us.debian.org or ftp.de.debian.org. The dependencies work either way.

Please consider to install Debian (via apt if you like) from the
OfficialCD nr. 1 which is/was produced and distributed in the us and
is also sold to overseas.



The MS-DOS filesystem is nice for removable media.  -- H. Peter Anvin

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