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Re: Ammendment: Constituion

While we're amending the proposed constitution, I hereby propose the
following three amendments:

I. SPI section removal:

 Several people have said that the section 9 (Debian's relationship
 with SPI) ought not to appear in Debian's constitution, and should be
 defined separately by agreement with SPI.  I agree.  I therefore

 Remove section 9, and instead add 2.1(4):

 Members of the Debian Project act as cooperating individuals, and are
 to be held responsible for their own actions and failures.  Members
 of the Project do not act as agents of or on behalf of the Project or
 its officials.  Nothing can require a member of the Project to carry
 out or countenance illegal or unethical acts, and each member of the
 Project must individually ensure that their own actions are legal and
 ethical.  Debian has no authority to legally own money or property.

II. Trivial changes provision:

 After A.1(5) add:

 6. The proposer of a resolution may make changes to correct minor
 errors (for example, typographical errors or inconsistencies) or
 changes which do not alter the meaning, providing noone objects
 within 24 hours.  In this case the mininum discussion period is not

III. `Seconder' vs. `sponsor':

 Budda Bhuck justified and proposed the change of the word `seconder'
 to `sponsor', and I agree.  (His message is attached.)

 So, change all occurrences of `seconder' relating to people
 supporting resolutions to `sponsor'.


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