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There was recently an upload of X that included binary-all packages.  This
version, 8.1, apparently causes (some?) fonts to break on i386 machines.

Please, please, please, don't make NMU's of binary-all or binary-i386
XFree86 packages without speaking to me, or determining that I've been
absent from the Project for a long period of time, or there's some kind of
gaping security crisis.

If you send me diffs, I'd be happy to apply m68k-specific patches to the
XFree86 .dsc and save the m68k guys some trouble.  I'd been telling James
Troup et al. to hold off because the Great Reorganization would make such
things chaotic.  But I'm ready to accept non-i386 patches from everyone
now, so we can take some steps towards autobuilding.

An NMU of X that impacts the i386 version, though, is not the best way to
get my attention.

Arch-specific NMU's have always had my blessing (implicitly -- it's been
the practice for as long as there have been non-i386 ports of Debian, I
guess).  But please, please, please be careful not to clobber the i386 or
all stuff -- that just means that if they cause problems I'll get 1000 bug
reports that the X source tree on my home box isn't responsible for and
I'll give myself an aneurysm looking for bugs that aren't there.

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