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Re: *please* delete mutt-i from non-us

In article <cistron.87af295xpv.fsf@nocrew.org>,
James Troup  <james@www.nocrew.org> wrote:
>Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org> writes:
>> James mentioned something about a similar problem he'd already
>> noticed, so I figured he'd probably filed a bug report
>Sorry, I haven't.  I very rarely use mutt to send email so I had no
>idea if it was misconfiguration on my part and didn't have the time to
>investigate.  As a regular mutt user (?) you'd probably be better off
>doing it.

Yes the bug is that mutt was compiled with /usr/bin/sendmail (bin vs sbin)
as the path to sendmail. Please file a bugreport. And make sure the
new upload includes "frozen" as distribution :)

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