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Re: Are DFSG free package in non-us part of Debian?

joost writes:
> Excactly. And then we need to rename non-US to non-Crytpo, as even now
> the site is named incorrectly (there are also states that ban crypto
> outside the US).

We also need to separate the patented and unpatented stuff.  Having them
together is not too inconvenient now since it is all crypto, but this is
confusing to users, who often think that they are not supposed to import
any of it.  The US crypto law will probably go away soon, but the patent
problem will only get worse (and not just in the US).

We should move towards a distributed system, with no one 'master'.  While
it is currently fashionable on debian-devel to denigrate the US as "the
center of the non-free world", the fact is that all governments have whacky
laws and are constantly adding new ones.  There may be no single country
that we can rely on to stay "free" in all the ways that are relevant here.
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