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APT 0.1.9 (yes, 0.1.9!) is released!

It's that time again!

The APT team would like to announce the latest release of the
next-generation Debian package manager frontend, APT 0.1.9! The
binary i386 package and source have been uploaded to the master
Debian archive and should be installed into it soon.

We've "skipped" 0.1.8 because a 0.1.8 will be built shortly linked
only to libraries that ship with Debian 2.0, "hamm". 0.1.9 depends on
several libraries that only come in the upcoming Debian 2.1, "slink".

Among the fixes 0.1.9 brings you:

 * -rpath nastiness from libtool is now patched from within configure.in
 * http.us.debian.org is the default Debian mirror in /etc/apt/sources.list
 * fixes for APT for the Alpha, now Alpha Debian Linux can run APT!

We hope everyone's Debian systems are made just a little bit better
with APT.

Ben Gertzfield, APT Debian Package Maintainer

Brought to you by the letters Z and G and the number 16.
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