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Re: Are DFSG free package in non-us part of Debian?

> Which raises an interesting point: The U.S. does not have a law against
> exporting encryption software. It has a law against exporting munitions.
> The executive branch (the president and his employees) have classified
> software as munitions.

Actually, this is out of date.  Under the ITAR, yes, crypto was
considered munitions, and as such restricted.  Since djb won his first
lawsuit, they did a fast shuffle and now the EAR, under the BXA, hold,
which means that *now* (last 2 years or so) crypto is
export-restricted *because it is crypto* in its own right.  http://jya.com
has a lot of good stuff on this, including the regulations themselves;
as always, pay your lawyer lots of money if you're thinking about
actually doing this...

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