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Re: better integration of packages

Previously M . Dietrich wrote:
> i have to edit skripts by myself to have an ssh-agent running in x

Funnily enough I just submitted a patch for the default Xsession that
does this. Branden said he would probably incorporate it in a new X
release, so stay tuned.

BTW, what does gnome-session do that xsm does not do? It seems silly
to reimplement session-management when we already have it (although
almost no program actually supports it).

> also i would like to have an redirected output of the windowmanager to
> the xconsole, so i can see, what went wrong if i start programs out of
> the menu and they don't come up.

That output is not logged using syslog, so it has to be handled differently.
You can view everything in ~/.xsession-errors though.


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