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ALS '98

A bit late, but...

Debian had a booth at ALS '98. We gave out 200 binary-i386 hamm CDs, &
125 binary+source+contrib CDs. However there were ~2000 people there. I
would like to begin planning for ALS '99, which will be sometime in 1999
in Atlanta. Please fill out this form if you want to help out at the
Debian booth next year and send to stu@novare.net:

Email address:
Debian developer: {Y/N}
If you IRC on #debian, nick:

If you can bring your machine {laptop,desktop,tower}, list HD, RAM, CPU
specs below:

Also, machines should be network capable.. We had ftp1.us.debian.org and
mirror.novare.net at our booth.. on only a T1 :)

More info at http://www.ale.org/showcase

Robert S. Edmonds
| Debian developer         |      http://www.debian.org |
| Freshmeat staff member   |       http://freshmeat.net |
| NetWinder developer      |   http://www.netwinder.org |
| stu@novare.net           | http://edmonds.home.ml.org |
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