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Re: APT 0.1.9 (yes, 0.1.9!) is released!

On Fri, 6 Nov 1998, Ossama Othman wrote:

> >  * -rpath nastiness from libtool is now patched from within configure.in
> Can someone explain again why "-rpath" is such a nasty thing in libtool?
> Why wouldn't we want paths embedded in a shared library?  I guess I need
> to look at Debian Policy again.
> :)

-rpath encodes the location of libraries in the binary produced, which
causes all sorts of evilness when the libraries are moved and replaced
with incompatible libraries of the same name (compiled against a different
libc for instance).  This bit us hard with many X binaries in the libc5 to
libc6 transition.  Linux's linker is much smarter than certain other
linkers I could name (cough, Solaris).

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