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Branden Robinson <branden@ecn.purdue.edu> writes:

> There was recently an upload of X that included binary-all packages.
> This version, 8.1, apparently causes (some?) fonts to break on i386
> machines.

Allegedly; I've yet to seen much proof of this, there are conflicting
reports on IRC.
> Please, please, please, don't make NMU's of binary-all or
> binary-i386 XFree86 packages without speaking to me,

It was a simple mistake, Chris just used `-b' to dpkg-buildpackage
instead of `-B'; an easy mistake to make, I'm sure you'll agree.

> But please, please, please be careful not to clobber the i386 or all
> stuff -- that just means that if they cause problems I'll get 1000
> bug reports that the X source tree on my home box isn't responsible
> for and I'll give myself an aneurysm looking for bugs that aren't
> there.

Well iff the binary-all packages don't build correctly from the source
then it _is_ a bug in X.


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