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(la)tex on remote booted machines?


I'd need some advice concerning the latex subsystem:

In order to avoid several copies of one and the same files,
I want to share a common pool of e.g. latex fonts
(those which are usually newly generated
on demand) among net-booted client machines and a server.

Fact is that tex stores additional files under
/var/spool/texmf and /var/lib/texmf.
This is fine for the server side, however, in order
to share these files, a possible solution might be to
export /var/spool/texmf and /var/lib/texmf to each client.
I guess, this leads to some file locking problems
when server and clients try to update data concurrently.

Are there any concerns, proposals?

Best regards,
Ferdinand Schinagl
Institut fuer Halbleiterphysik
Johannes Kepler Universitaet Linz

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