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Re: Are DFSG free package in non-us part of Debian?

James Troup <james@nocrew.org> wrote:
> No it *can't*.  master, ftp.debian.org and other US mirrors are
> mirrored all over the world.  If we put crypto software into main, we
> will be responsible for several mirrors unwittingly violating US
> export laws.  However lame we think the laws may be, deliberately
> inducing other people to unknowingly break the law is not something we
> should *ever* contemplate doing.

No, because to put it into main we'd have to change the structure
of our entire mirroring system -- we'd have to create a crypto
section, which would have to be unreadable on all of our US servers.

We'd just have to change the name of the top-level server
to something else [so that hosts going to an existing server
won't change machines].  Unimaginatively, this could be

> [There's also the matter of CDs]

Again, this needn't be complex -- we could easily state that Debian cds
containing the crypto section can't be exported from the US.  I think
CD manufactorers could deal with that if we let them know clearly,
and ahead of time, about this change.

All of this is pointless, however, if we can't get non-US folks to
properly administer a well connected debian.master.debian.org site.


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