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Re: better integration of packages

"M . Dietrich" <mdt@mdt.in-berlin.de> writes:

> i would like to see better integration of packages as ssh or
> gnome-session into the system. i have to edit skripts by myself to
> have an ssh-agent running in x, same with gnome-session (which does
> not work for me: ** ERROR **: file gnometypes.c: line 30
> (gnome_type_init): assertion failed: (type_id != GTK_TYPE_INVALID)).

I think you may be running the old gnome packages, which were busted
by changes in the Gtk/glib packages.  Remember, Gnome is ALPHA
software, and has not yet been released in a stable distribution - so
don't be surprised when things like that break.  The sheer number of
dependencies in Gnome makes it particularily susceptible to breakage.

I uploaded fixed Gnome packages a few days ago.  They've been
installed onto master, and should soon be on all the mirror sites
soon.  If they are still busted for you, please file a bug.


 - Jim

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