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Re: Apt UI design, version 2


Wichert Akkerman (wichert@wiggy.net):
> available at http://www.debian.org/~wakkerma/apt-design2.txt

Ok, I have some comments, suggestions, wishes. I read neither debian-policy
nor -admintool (or however it's called). Therefor some of these ideas might
be old.

Looking at dselect, I'm still missing a way to get an overview of Packages
which are marked (for a certain action). Sorting by (current) state isn't
sufficient. apt-get's listing of what it is going to do comes very close,
but I think sorting the package list by the "action" to perform is more
usefull - this way I can continue changing what I missed. I think packages
shouldn't move if their action ("mark") is changed (ie. the list isn't
sorted on each change) because a) speed and b) I regard this as confusing.

6.1.7.*: Will this "ask the user" happen in an as detailed way like
dselect's conflict screen? I like it - but it's laking the package
information panel.

I suppose this isn't possible, but I'd enjoy to read the changelog of
a package, before it gets installed ...

BTW: The [bugs] button is a brilliant Idea. Sad but true, but I suppose
german phone fees will prevent me using it as often as I'd like to. (or are
there plans to make snapshots of the Bug database on CD? ;-)


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