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binaries compiled on slink don't run anywhere else

Package: libc6
Version: 2.0.7u-5
Severity: critical

As you are well aware of, binaries compiled on slink won't run on any other
system (not hamm, not RH, not hand rolled unless it's some specific version
of glibc). Now, it's obviously a big problem because that means I can't
compile anything on my debian system because I *know* it won't run on the
machine next door.

Solving this is a bigger problem than it might seem at first glance: a *lot*
of packages have been already compiled against 2.0.7u, that means upgrading
to a libc that doesn't have this problem would break things awfully (A
library can be preloaded to supply the missing __register_frame_info in the
mean time). Essentially this means slink's gotta be delayed to let
developers catch up, OR a massive NMU has to be performed.

A possible solution is revert to 2.0.7t, that wouldn't break too many things
according to libc6's changelog, but that leaves us with the
all-my-system-is-broken problem.

Ideas ASAP welcomed!


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