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./configure questions (GNU Zebra)

i'm working on packaging GNU Zebra (http://www.zebra.org - GPL-ed BGP and
RIP routing daemon.  ospf is planned.  command-line interface seems very
very similar to cisco commands).

the package compiles cleanly.  haven't tested whether it works or if it is
useful yet.  if it is, i'll announce an intent to package and upload it
for potato.  btw, i'm compiling the 981015 developer snapshot.

the problem is that i can't get the 'make install' to put the binaries in
/usr/sbin and config files in /etc.  --prefix=/usr makes it want to use
/usr/etc for config files.

i've tried using --sysconfdir=/ and it tries to install the conf files in
my real /etc rather than ./debian/tmp/etc

i've also tried --prefix=/ --execprefix=/usr and it puts the conf files in
the right place, but it tries to install the binaries in my real /sbin

anyone run into this kind of thing before?  got a solution?

it's probably something really obvious, but zebra takes a while to compile
on my system so i'll try for the collective wisdom of the list rather than
just compiling again and again.


ps: i've figured out how to make html versions of the .texi docs (use
texi2html, easy :). anyone know of a texi to man converter?

craig sanders

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