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Re: "test" boot-floppies set for slink has been uploaded

Enrique Zanardi napsal:
>The rescue floppy doesn't fit in 1.44MB anymore, so I've built a 1.743 MB
>floppy image. That means you'll have to "superformat /dev/fd0u1743" the
>floppy before doing a "dd if=foo of=/dev/fd0u1743 ...". This format is
>still readable(¿writable?) under MS-DOS and W95.

well, here's my story with resc1743_bin_2_1.0-i386:

first of all, it's 1784832 bytes long, i.e. 1760 format:
therefore, superformat -d/dev/fd0u1760 .... and then:
dd if=resc1743_bin_2_1.0-i386 of=/dev/fd0u1760 bs=512

this disk is not ledgible under either msdog or windoze,
at least not on my two machines, which can read up to
1745408 (1720KB or 1.66MB) under those systems.

thanks for cc: (I am not on these lists),
pavel makovec

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