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Re: Are DFSG free package in non-us part of Debian?

Davide G. M. Salvetti wrote:
> MS> Please look into the DFSG which says:
> MS> 1. Free Redistribution
> [...]
> MS> (However I have to admit that the restinction is not based on the
> MS> "license" but on "patents" and "law").
> Your admission is a key point.

No, it's not.

> MS> There is also a technical for objecting to your proposal: If a
> MS> package *in* main depends on or recommends a package *outside of*
> MS> main you'll get a showstopper if you try to install the package
> MS> and don't have a non-US part handy.  (think of a new Infomagic CD
> MS> for example).
> This is a good technical point at this moment.  I think we should
> work to overcome this limitations, as the present situation is
> suboptimal.
> Simply stated, I don't like the idea that perfectly free software

Since it cannot redistributed by a US citizen to a non-us citizen
it is not *perfectly* free.  I grant that it uses a free license
but still isn't freely redistributable.  No, I don't like that.

> should be segregated out of Debian because of local country laws,
> neither if that country happens to be so central for Debian.

Believe me that I don't like it either but I cannot fix broken US
crypto law by programming.  Please talk to the american senat or
something, try to get involved with EFF and similar campaigns.

> It's not an urgent issue, in my views, but I don't understand your
> position here.  Are you satisfied throwing out of Debian some good
> free software package, as gnupg is, for example?  I think we should
> make our best efforts to spread the use of free software.


However by letting packages in main depend on packages outside of
main we would result in a showstopper release which will result in
people preferring something else over Debian because Debian cannot
be installed.  Please always keep in mind that the official CD
doesn't contain non-US.

We also cannot include it into main since it is not freely



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