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Re: Amusing bugreport

Would I have people beating down my door to kill me IRL if I set the
severity on this bug to important on the basis that there are just too
many little bugs for this to be released?

(Any one of the bugs is not enough, but when you add them all up..)

Zephaniah E, Hull..
(Who is currently looking for ways to defend himself if he were to
actually do this (=:] )

On Tue, Nov 24, 1998 at 10:39:05PM -0500, Mitch Blevins wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> > 
> > This one should get a price for amusing bugreport: it is a bugreport
> > asking for bugs to be fixed :)
> > [snip] 
> > 
> > Package: dpkg
> > Version:
> > Priority: wishlist
> > 
> > There are too many bug reports about dpkg. Since dpkg is the 'core' of
> > Debian, the list of its bugs should be revised and cleaned, because a system
> > that has its 'core' with so many bugs must be very buggy :) .
> > 
> > Many of them are very old, and probably are already fixed, so someone must
> > recheck all of them, to clean the database.
> > [snip]
>  Amusing, yes.  But also something we should take seriously.
>  I recently thought I had found a bug in dpkg, and went to see if the bug
>  report had already been filed.  I gave up in despair after seeing the
>  multitude of bugs and thinking of the prospect of trying to decipher
>  each one to see if it applied to my situation.
>  Luckily, my bug turned out to be TPEBTKAC*, but the number of bugs on dpkg
>  is very discouraging.
>  -Mitch
>  *TPEBTKAC - The Problem Exists Between The Keyboard and Chair.

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