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[no subject] [?] 2.0.35 doesn't boot 2.0 beta --> final; how different? 2.0 CD images and symlinks... 2.0 Expected release date? 2.0 installation 2.0 relase date? 2.0 upgrade after poor cp and repartition 2.1.104 & diald/route/masquerade problems 2 Xsessions?, 2 graphics cards? 3-button mouse Aarrgg! where in the latest imlib? about sendmail ACK! file ownership screwup! ACK! xdm & kdm hate me! Adaptec 3940/3940W for standard Debian 1.3 install? Adaptec SCSI AIC7890 (Ultra2) support for Debian/GNU Linux 2.0 adding, changing, using true type fonts under X11 Adding non packages to menu? adding pcmcia module for updated kernel ADDUSER AND >8 Usernames? Adduser long usernames??? Advanced Power Management & Linux Advice on a new system advice on a portable Afterstep's .steprc gone? AGP Graphics Support? AGP video card Re: AGP video card (fwd) Re: [ale] Secure Mail server Alien and Appliware allowing xlogin from remote server Alt keys stopped working in Xemacs amanda & netbase for bo American Cancer Society Email... HOAX! (fwd) Amiga File system [andrmuel@rz.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE: 'rm' doesn't terminat anymore] another broken news gateway Another dselect FTP problem anyone have libc6_2.0.7pre1-4.deb (for intel) ? Anyone Read the Articles on Free Software In Forbes Anyone using plplot ? any risk in using /home/root App, !getty on /dev/tty1? Appletalk/AX.25/8530 apsfilter printcap doesn't work apt and passive ftp apt errors; what? apt: ftp/passive mode? apt problems Apt & Slink Apt upgrade Apt vs deselect question are there "old" bo packages mirrored anywhere Argh! Assigning an address to my PCMCIA card. HOW ? ASUS SC875 and debian 1.3.1 install problems Atapted AIC-7890 controller Audio/Video Broadcast Authentication Problems autofs HOWTO availability by ftp + deselect broke emacs fails when upgrading bo -> hamm v0.28 released Re: Autoup Upgrade Autoup Upgrade (Was: Re: debian-user-digest Digest V98 #536) [ crc error] awe32 midi/wavetable awe64, how? AWE Kernel Patch Troubles Backups bad dynamic tag Balsa................. Best thing I've read all week Beta Test and e2fsprogs Bill Wohler: Linux security tips BIOS setting via software Bo crashes under heavy disk load bo -> hamm details bo-->hamm: 'iso9660 not supported' bo --> hamm upgrade.. BO Lockup problems Bootdisk problem Boot Errors boot errors boot-floppies Booting a machine with only a cdrom .. Booting and installing Debian 2.0 Booting Debian from hd w/ boot manager? bootp log file boot.zones -- secondary syntax? Bo-Packages - ftp? Bo pppd not support IPX? break download Browser search Bug encountered while attempting to configure Device Drivers Modules Re: Bug reporting proceedure, was Re: Bug#24066: libc6: rsh segfaults as , a result of new libc 2.0.7r2 Bug reporting proceedure, was Re: Bug#24066: libc6: rsh segfaults as , a result of new libc 2.0.7r2 building a new debian system from a running system Bulletin Board SOftware Burning debian CD-ROM problem Burning my own CD under Windows .bz2??? RE: Can less read its input from the std Can less read its input from the stderr ? How ? cannot compile kdesupport in hamm cannot compile qt-1.33 in hamm cannot get smail to install Can only play mp3 files as root. Can only run X as root Can setup a signature on elm Can't connect to Can't Copy 161 MB can't find bind Can't install a MS bus mouse. can't see Toshiba modem can't set quotas bigger than about 3.8GB CAP and linux cat & more in anon wu-ftpd and hamm upgrade problems. CD Creation in Windows cd rom drives cdrom error? (instalation) cdrom images available on cdrom probs Cd vendors in Europe ? Re: CD vendors in Europe? cfdisk problem during installation CGI on apache Revisited (wierd problems) changing/adding/using fonts and ttfonts Changing hamm? changing kernel - network problems ! changing partition size Check deb-Paket? check package consistency Check Required & Relative Packages for New Packages Chrooting bind 8.1.2 under debian 2.0 Re: chroot in passwd? (WAS: Re: Trouble With Simple Thing.) cirrus logic/sparklies (newbie) CLUE: July 24, 1998 Talk of the Nation] Colorado Tape Drive colorize emacs in console? color-ls how do I use it? color prompts colors wrong in x server Compatability of Diamond Speedstar Pro SE compiling argus-1.7.beta.1b Compiling error Compiling the kernel? Compressed image found at block 0 Config for Laptop display.. Configuring GNOME v.20? Configuring smail configuring XFree86 Re: CONFIRM s071021304020540 connecting debian to win98 crc error ( install ) Cross-compile to Windows NT CTRL+ALT+DEL reboot in X ctrl-z weirdness RE: Current Mirrors? Was deselect wont ftp Customize Xemacs in text mode Custom Rescue Disk kernel cvs doesn't seem to work for me cyrillic fonts in netscape? D2.0 on Tosh 460CDT pcmcia questions? Daemons & Ports and stuff Dead keys in X. Debian 1.3 & libc6 Debian 1.3 with AHA2842B Debian 2.0 [beta or released on HP Kayak XU? Debian-2.0-beta upgrade: my experience (after the 1st time) Debian 2.0. Bind 8 works but causes dials for local domain names Re: Debian 2.0. Bind 8 works but causes dials for local domain names FIXED Re: Debian 2.0 - rcmd: Lost connection Debian 2.0 release Debian 2.0 Release later today! Debian 2.0 SCSI Install Problem debian 2 binary-386.raw cd image file RE: Debian ascentia910N Debian Beta 2.0 CD listings debian-brazilian debian-cd Debian CD Creation Re: [Debian]: das Systemupdate funktioniert nicht richtig Debian & Digital Celebris GL5120 Debian Diplomacy Re: [Debian]: dwww/apache im Offline Betrieb debian for public stations Re: [Debian]: gimp: lib fehlt mir Debian HAMM LOADLIN booting problems ... any help please ?? [Debian] installing multiple PC's The last update was on 10:24 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 3491 messages. Page 1 of 7.

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