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cfdisk problem during installation

Friends, a question:

During installation of Debian Linux 1.3, I am getting the following error
message when the installation software tries to partition my hard drive:

	FATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition
	Press any key to exit fdisk
I understand that this error message might result from incorrect geometry
information (I have an IDE drive).  But, I am specifying the geometry by

	linux hda=934,16,17
at the boot: prompt (I got the cylinders, heads, and sectors-per-track
using Norton Disk Doctor).

>From the cfdisk manual page, it seems like I might be able to get around
the problem using the -z option to force cfdisk to ignore my current
partition table.  Is there a way I can use the -z option during installation?
Have I missed something else??


Jon Hester		

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