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Re: [off topic] Slashdot announce 2.0beta2

On Thu, 9 Jul 1998, Philip Hands wrote:

> I needed to create some new CD images, because enough new bug fixes had hit 
> the archive to make it worthwhile, and if I do that I have to differentiate 
> the versions somehow: hence a directory name of 2.0beta1 for the first lot,
> and 2.0beta2 for the second.
> That said, it seems reasonable to say that Debian 2.0 is into it's second phase 
> of testing.  It's just that there wasn't an ``official'' delineation between 
> 2.0beta and 2.0beta2 (except by me choosing a particular moment to freeze my 
> mirror)

Why not date the betas?  I think everyone knows what is happening when you
do this, and they aren't left wondering when the heck beta2 came out when
the name is 2.0-beta-1998-7-9.

Just a thought,

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