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Re: AGP video card (fwd)


> page. One thing they don't tell you though that you have to do under
> Debian is delete the 'X' bin that should be in /usr/X11R6/bin and then
> just link the Elsa_GLoria bin (XSuSE_Elsa_GLoria I believe) to 'X'.

I really don't think that is a good idea.  Debian created that "X" as an
suid wrapper for X servers so that the server wouldn't have to be suid.  
I have the same card (Fire GL 1000 Pro) and am using the server the
"standard" Debian way.  Instead of deleting Debian's "X," I would leave
that X there and modify /etc/X11/Xserver to make Debian use the new X
server (XFCom_3DLabs).  You will also probably need to use SuSE's
xf86config program.  The last time I checked there was no new XF86Setup
program that would work with this server, and the current stable XF86Setup
program doesn't seem to work with this server (at least for me).  When you
run SuSE's xf86config, you should probably answer "no" to the question of
whether you should install a symbolic called "X" to XFCom_3DLabs since
this functionality is handled by Debian's "X" and the /etc/X11/Xserver

As some one else on this list sayed, this X server is not very stable
yet. I have had some problems with it.  Again, I really don't think you
should erase Debian's "X."  If you do erase it, you may have problems
later on when the Permedia2 X server becomes stable and becomes part of
the XFree86 distribution meaning that it will eventually become a Debian
package.  When this happens, the lack of Debian's "X" will probably mean
that future installations of XFree86 will not install properly.


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