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Can't Copy 161 MB

What I need to do is change one of my Debian (version 1.3) partitions into 2
separate partitions.  There is presently 161 MB of files in hda6 (the
partition I want to subdivide) and on my Windows half of the computer in
Drive D: (hda5) I have 190MB of free space.

I figured the thing to do is copy all the files on hda6 into hda5(my D:
drive), repartition hda6 into hda6 + hda7 (I should use the rescue disk for
this?), and then copy back my files from 'D:' on to 'hda6', leaving hda7
empty for future use.  (I thought I read in one of the previous mailings
that there is software that makes these steps unnecessary.  Is this true?) 

Anyway, when I tried to do this:
                 'mount hda5 /mnt'
                 go to 'D:/Debfiles' directory
                 'cp -a /usr/*' (hda6)

I got the error message 'no more space left on device'.

Furthermore, now when I boot up, my hda2 partition (where my /root is) shows
0 space available.  When I halt or reboot I get the message:
                 'error can't write to etc mtab.tmp, no space left on device'

Looking around I found 1 file '/proc/kcore' which had 16 MB and everything
elso in '/proc' had 0 bytes.  To fix the first problem, of all my space gone
in hda2, I am tempted to just delete the 'proc/kcore' file.  Is this the
wrong thing to do?

The second problem is to copy the 161 MB in hda6 to D:.  I went back to D:
and deleted and moved some stuff around and now have 240MB free, which
should be plenty of room.  But when I try again am I going to have the same
problem?  Is my limiting factor the size of hda2 (my root partition) or does
the 'etc/mtab.tmp' file have a maximum capacity?  Since I only have ~20MB
free on hda2, is that the limit of what I can copy between partitions?


I have another problem, which I believe is a separate issue.  When I first
booted up the computer, (BEFORE trying to copy the 161MB) I noticed a huge
file ('root/core' 21MB) that wasn't there yesterday.  The last thing I've
done is install the CoffeeShop Java IDE (from SFS Software) in my
'/home/dixon' directory. (The instructions appeared to say that this was the
proper place for it.) I also noticed a 339KB file '/etc/core'.  Are these
files necessary? Should they be there?

Thanks for any help someone might have.  
Dennis Dixon
P.O. Box 1896 
Fort Bragg, CA  95437

(707) 964-2979

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