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Re: Can only play mp3 files as root.

On Tue, Jul 28, 1998 at 03:07:37AM -0700, Christopher Barry wrote:
> > I just looked at my /etc/group file for the first time. Maybe part of it
> > is wrong? I attached a copy.
> Okay, I did chmod 777 /dev/mixer and everything works now. Mixer is also
> root.audio, so I really am clueless here as to why I can't use them with
> 770 permissions. When I configured dialup networking way back when, all
> I did was adduser cbarry dip and I could use all those **0 root.dip
> files, so now that I'm trying to use **0 root.audio files after doing
> adduser cbarry audio I'm really confused. 

after you did the adduser, did you log out (as cbarry) and back in?
Group changes don't take effect until you do.

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