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[URGENT!] smail bombs when sending!

I am having real big problems sending mail with smail as my MDA, which I never
had until 2 days ago.

When sending mail ( runq -v ) Error 164 is reported:  "Connection Timed Out"
I never used to have this problem, but it is really annoying!

I am using a smarthost.

Versions of relevant stuff:

Hamm, kernel 2.0.33

I have started using fetchmail as a daemon in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/ and killing
it in /etc/ppp/ip-down.d/ , but I have killed that to try it without it,
so far no luck...

(sorry about bad layout... telnet :) )

Can anyone suggest an answer? If not, can exim rewrite headers for a dialup system
(from/sender/etc...)??? If so, can someone send me an example? I can recieve
mail fine, just sending is a pain, so I need to get this little problem fixed

Thanks for any help anyone can offer,

Michael Beattie

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