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Re: [I98turboRI@aol.com: Newbie permissions question.]

On Sat, Jul 04, 1998 at 02:53:45AM -0500, ej@pitnet.net wrote:
> All you should have to do is add yourself to group dip.  Login as root (or
> su) and use 'usermod -G dip username'.  That should do it, you can check
> what groups you are in by logging in as yourself and typing 'groups'.  As
> for the permissions, type 'man chmod' to read all about them.

'usermod -G dip username' appears to have the probably unwanted result
of removing "username" from all the other groups -- it did so when I
tried it.

  jkern@klis.com   Jack Kern   Yarmouth, Nova Scotia   Debian GNU/Linux 2.0

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