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Re: Can't Copy 161 MB

>> What I need to do is change one of my Debian (version 1.3) partitions into 2
>> separate partitions.  There is presently 161 MB of files in hda6 (the
>> partition I want to subdivide) and on my Windows half of the computer in
>> Drive D: (hda5) I have 190MB of free space.

 First, I don't think you can copy large amounts of data from ext2 partitions
 to FAT/VFAT/FAT32 partitions just like that (they screw filenames and
 symlinks etc.). You might want to dump the contents of partition into a
 tarfile and then extract from there later.

>> I figured the thing to do is copy all the files on hda6 into hda5(my D:
>> drive), repartition hda6 into hda6 + hda7 (I should use the rescue disk for
>> this?), and then copy back my files from 'D:' on to 'hda6', leaving hda7
>> empty for future use.  (I thought I read in one of the previous mailings
>> that there is software that makes these steps unnecessary.  Is this true?) 
>> Anyway, when I tried to do this:
>>                  'mount hda5 /mnt'
>>                  go to 'D:/Debfiles' directory
>>                  'cp -a /usr/*' (hda6)
>> I got the error message 'no more space left on device'.

 You're out of disk space (or have some quotas working). 
 Use df and du to find out which directories are eating
 space and make your moves after that.
>> Furthermore, now when I boot up, my hda2 partition (where my /root is) shows
>> 0 space available.  When I halt or reboot I get the message:
>>                  'error can't write to etc mtab.tmp, no space left on device'
>> Looking around I found 1 file '/proc/kcore' which had 16 MB and everything
>> elso in '/proc' had 0 bytes.  To fix the first problem, of all my space gone
>> in hda2, I am tempted to just delete the 'proc/kcore' file.  Is this the
>> wrong thing to do?

 Yes. Everything under /proc is virtual and does not take any space 
 from hard disk (apart from what it takes to store directory information).
 /proc/kcore is an image of memory. 

>> The second problem is to copy the 161 MB in hda6 to D:.  I went back to D:
>> and deleted and moved some stuff around and now have 240MB free, which
>> should be plenty of room.  But when I try again am I going to have the same
>> problem?  Is my limiting factor the size of hda2 (my root partition) or does
>> the 'etc/mtab.tmp' file have a maximum capacity?  Since I only have ~20MB
>> free on hda2, is that the limit of what I can copy between partitions?
>> *****
>> I have another problem, which I believe is a separate issue.  When I first
>> booted up the computer, (BEFORE trying to copy the 161MB) I noticed a huge
>> file ('root/core' 21MB) that wasn't there yesterday.  The last thing I've
>> done is install the CoffeeShop Java IDE (from SFS Software) in my
>> '/home/dixon' directory. (The instructions appeared to say that this was the
>> proper place for it.) I also noticed a 339KB file '/etc/core'.  Are these
>> files necessary? Should they be there?

 These are 'core' files, that happen when a program segfaults and dumps
 the memory it is using to that file (dumps core). If you don't need them 
 for debugging you can just delete them.


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