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Booting and installing Debian 2.0

I have a question about installing 2.0. I have installed it succesfully at
home and on a computer here at work.  I am now trying to install it on a
gateway P5-60 that is all SCSI.  Dos cannot see the CD-ROM drive and I get
wierd results when I try to boot the CD.  I have a Buslogic BT-958 SCCI
Adapter with a Seagate 2GB harddrive and a Matshita CD-ROM.  I set the
CD-ROM to bootable and try to boot the CD.  The lilo boot: prompt comes up
and then after I hit ENTER it loads root.bin and then uncomresses linux
and all looks normal to here.  After that it says "booting kernel" and
then reboots and all is started over.

Any help is more than appreciated.


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