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Re: cdrom probs

Have you tried telling lilo to tell the kernel where the CDROM is so it
does not have to attempt to probe for it? I think something like this in
/etc/lilo.conf would do it:

append="hdc = cdrom"

On on initial installation something like:

boot> install append="hdc = cdrom"

might be right.

GIve it a whirl and if that does not work, try removing the above and set
the CDROM as the slave device on the second bus and if THAT does not work,
try adding the stuff to lilo only use hdd instead of hdc with the device
as the slave.

My syntax might be a little off because it has been a while since I have
done this so some peer review is requested.

Sometimes Linux does a better job of seeing a single CDROM if it is the

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, David Male wrote:

> On boot up linux does see the cdrom. I would like to understand this problem
> and resolve it, can anyone shed any light? TIA.
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George Bonser

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