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Re: [Debian] Running Linux from CD

On Thu, Jul 02, 1998 at 03:21:33PM +0200, Niklas Höglund wrote:
> > is it possible to run Linux completely from CD. We have created
> I think older versions of Red Hat supported this.  I remember reading
> something about it on Red Hat 4.2.  RH4.2 was said to no longer support
> this.

They didn't have space for it anymore.  It'd be an interesting thing to set
up to give people at LUG meetings.  It's kinda what I wanted to do with a
Zip disk..  Bring me a Zip disk and I'll give you a working Linux system
that doesn't use any HD space.

The message before this one explains how to make a CD with defaults and a
throwaway /var and /etc.  I think instead I would in order to make this
thing not just a demo but actually useful in a place that you can't have
Linux (goin' to friend's house, friend has Windoze but I wanna use Linux)
I'd have some way to use a loopback filesystem on the HD to save defaults
like X settings and such.

Could be quite useful.  I'll look in to building something to do this if
nobody else has once I start working on the Zip version of the same.  More
will fit on the CD-ROM, but the Zip is more upgradable and I can build the
Zip disks custom from a mirror..  =>

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