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can't see Toshiba modem

I've got Debian 1.3.1/2.0.29 on my Toshiba Tecra 520 CDT laptop, and can't
seem to find the modem.  Win95 finds it fine at COM2, and minicom in Linux
USED to find it at /dev/ttyS1, but now it can't.  I have added lots of
software since then, so might have screwed something up, but can't figure
out what. 

Enter minicom, get usual message "initializing modem", but get no sound.
Type ctrl-A E (echo on -- used to be unnecessary)
Type atdt5453700 -- get no response, no "OK", no dialing sound, no
Try all of /dev/ttyS[0-3] and /dev/cua[0-3] to no avail

/dev/modem is linked to /dev/ttyS1, as when it worked, and BIOS shows the
built-in modem at IRQ3.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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