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Re: are there "old" bo packages mirrored anywhere

"Stephen J. Carpenter" <sjc@delphi.com> writes:

> On Tue, Jul 28, 1998 at 03:21:36PM +0200, Jan Menzel wrote:
> You wont really see any new packages for bo anyway now...but...
> you can always get the source from hamm and build it...its not
> tough. I would imagine that for most packages its just a matter
> of dpkg-source -x package.dsc 
> then cd <packagedir>
> and dpkg-buildpackage
> (there are of course some variations on that theme ;) )
> many packages I would imagine will work

Well, you may have to unpack the source by hand.

Deb_helper packages (debian/rules contains dh_* entries) can´t be
installed using dpkg (irc info).

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