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[Debian] keyboard stops working on Compaq EP


I'm trying to install Debian 1.3.1 (can't use 2.0 for development reasons)
on a new Compaq EP 6350.  The Compaq has a ps2 style mouse and keyboard.
Unfortunately about one time out of three when I boot the PC it hangs for a
very short time after installing the PS/2 driver afterwards the keyboard and
mouse are totaly unusable (Capslock doesn't even work).  I can login remotely
however and reboot the machine but it's not a very workable situation.

Is there anybody who experienced the same problem and maybe has a solution for it?

Thanks in advance

ps: kernel 2.0.34 
    CPU: 350MHz Pentium II
    compiled ps/2 aux support in the kernel   (haven't tried without yet)

Nico De Ranter
Sony Service Center (PSDC-B/DNSE-B)
Sint Stevens Woluwestraat 55 (Rue de Woluwe-Saint-Etienne)
1130 Brussel (Bruxelles), Belgium, Europe, Earth
Telephone: +32 2 724 86 41 Telefax: +32 2 726 26 86
e-mail: nico.deranter@sonycom.com

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