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Re: AWE Kernel Patch Troubles

>> I have an AWE64 and I've been using the kernel patch for it ever since
>> I've had Linux.  However, with my upgrade to hamm and the 2.0.34
>> kernel, I had to repatch and recompile my kernel.  Along with that
>> upgrade, I got the newest version of the AWE patch, 0.4.2d.  I
>> followed the directions in INSTALL.awe but I just can't get it to
>> work.  I tried many variations, and played around, but I'm no kernel
>> hacker and I haven't been successful.  Everytime I attempt to patch my
>> kernel source tree I get errors like those in the following
>> typescript.  I thought that it was probably just a minor malfunction
>> and that specifying the files without the .old extension would make it
>> work, but to no avail.  I don't get any errors when actually compiling
>> the kernel, but everytime I boot my newly compiled kernel (and
>> modules) I get these messages:

 I couldn't get the latest (.2d) working (same problem) so I just used
 .2c version. The changes between c and d versions are very small


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