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[I98turboRI@aol.com: Newbie permissions question.]

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Hello everyone,

I've got hamm installed, and can use 'pon' to start ppp to hook up to the net
okay as root, but for the regular user account I made during install I can not
because I get 'permission denied' errors. I know this has to do with
permissions, so what do I change and how? I've looked for a 'permissions faq'
or 'HOWTO' and they don't exist and I checked out the Debian Linux User's
Guide and they don't really explain permissions and what they are all about,
just the syntax for the commands. I know I can make something '--?--??---'
with 'chmod ??0', but I have no idea what the '--?-------' means. If you guys
could tell me which ppp related files need to be set to what, and point me to
a good document that explains permissions nicely for newbies, I would much
appreciate it. I'm soooo sick of AOL.

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