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Re: Bo pppd not support IPX?

Tim Thomson <tim@tui.ml.org> wrote:

> I've being trying to get a Win95 machine to dialin with a IPX connecting,
> but adding the settings for IPX as per the man page, causes pppd to fail,
> saying that the ipx settings are invalid.
> I take it this means the pppd isn't compiled with IPX support, as ipx is
> enables in the kernel.

Probably pppd in the Bo ppp package is not compiled with IPX support.
At least, the Bo ppp packages I used were crippled in terms of IPX,
but I don't know if a Bo update of package ppp solved this problem.

> Why not? Is it enabled in the hamm one?
> I don't want to upgrade to hamm on this system yet, so I'll need to
> download another pppd, where from?

The ppp package in Hamm has IPX support and in fact I am using it
(works perfectly).

If you want to stick to Bo you can always grab the source package for
ppp and compiled it yourself, enabling IPX support.



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