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Re: Backups

On Sat, Aug 01, 1998 at 05:02:59AM +0200, Johann Spies wrote:
> I have come to the conclusion that I cannot get reliable backups using
> ftape and my Iomega Ditto 2Gb tape drive.  While trying out the latest
> beta version of ftape, two of my tapes (one - 3.7 gig - was bought the day
> before)  were rendered unusable. I am getting a CRC error in the header of
> the tape.  Now not even NT or Dos software can use those tapes. That is
> too expensive for me to try it out again. 
> Now I have a few questions:
> 1. Do commercial backup programs for Linux use ther own drivers or do they
> rely on ftape?

Most use ftape; I assume they all do. BRU2000 for example.
I recommend subscribing to the linux-tape list to discuss this;
write to majordomo@vger.rutgers.edu with the text "subscribe linux-tape".
Claus, ftape's maintainer, is very helpful and the Ditto drives are well

I have a couple of Ditto 3200s which work fine but the 2Gb seems
to be quite different.

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