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changing/adding/using fonts and ttfonts

first question:
How do I add new fonts I downloaded (hebrew ones) to the other
fonts (font.dir etc.) Whts the procedure, And is there a FAQ about
also How do I use fonts. Change the fonts deferent programs use
(especially xterm), and if anyone knows if there is an editor, or/and
preferable an atachment to xemacs that i can make work from right to
left (I also need to be able to set the font to an hebrew one)
Also, How do I work in tetex right to left and in an hebrew font.

second question:
How do I Implement tt fonts. I moved some tt fonts from my windows
partition on the disk to /var/ttfonts. Then I added FontPath
"unxi:/7100" to XF86Config. When I tried to start X I got a reply that
it can't open fixed fon't and it fell. Then I tried to remove the
other FontPaths and I got a reply that it can't Open port 7100. As far
as I know I started xfstt but could be that not in the right place
(althow the package says that it inserts xfstt to start automaticly
when installed).
And, when it will start working, how do i use it?

Also, Anyone knows where does Staroffice get its fonts from? Is it
system resources or its own fonts (and if its its own fonts, How do i
add new fonts?

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