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Re: Can't Copy 161 MB

Ok, /proc DOES NOT EXIST on your filesystem.  It is what is called a
"virtual filesystem".  It looks like files, acts like files, but it does
not actually contain files on your hard drive.  /proc/kcore is the
contents of the kernel's core memory.  It is not real and is not taking
up space on your hard drive.

Next, any file named "core" is a left over from a "segmentation fault:
core dumped".  You can safely remove any file name core.

Perhaps you mistyped in your last message, but it should be cp <file to
copy> <destination>.  You did not list a destination last time.  Could
have been a problem.  Also, if /tmp is on a full partition then that
could be limiting you as well.  Try moving the files over directories at
a time.  Like 'cp -R /usr/X11R6 /mnt/Debfiles/usr'.  That may help.

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