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Re: changing partition size

Partition Magic is an _excellent_ program for resizing partitions.  I have
entrusted my disk to it on numerous occasions (and so have some of my
friends) and it has never had a problem.  Too bad it's a DOS/Windows
program and won't resize ext2 partitions.  :(

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On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Shaleh wrote:

> There are apps to do this.  However I would not trust my hard drive to
> them.  Wipe it and start clean.  Otherwise you will likely regret it. 
> Seems rough, but at least you know it is right.
> I place partition stretchers in the same boat as hard drive
> compressors.  They may work today, maybe tomorrow.  But some day -- you
> hard drive will be killed and you lose EVERYTHING.

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