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AGP video card

I have a 2 part question really.  First I ran the xbase-configure util.
and got someparts of my xserver working correctly BUT the display isn't
right.  Now when i kill X and get to prompt and type xbase-configure
it does nothing.  I want to change my video card and monitor settings
and don't know how to without this util. Can anyone help me?

Part 2.

I have a Fire GL 1000 , or also called Diamond Permidia 2 8MB AGP 2d/3d
combo video card.  I didn't see this in the list of video cards to select.
Could someone please help me in setting up the correct server options for

Urgency is the most important issue here I am at my wits end.  Send Help(tm)

 Sincerly Yours,                                Joel Keating


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