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advice on a portable

Anyone spare a moment to recommend a good portable on which to run Debian?

I am changing jobs to a split job and can order a portable. I do research support as well as psychotherapy (weird huh?!) and am transferring from windoze/M$ to Debian. I will have to retain a dual boot on the machine and it will need to run stats packages (R/Xlispstat under Debian) as well as TeX etc, etc. I am thinking in terms of a fairly high spec. machine with a large disc, perhaps ideally the option to put another disc in. It'll need a CDROM and ideally some SCSI connection for tape/zip/scanner. It'll also need to take a modem and ethernet connector (probably simple 10Mbit UTP cabling onto a TCP/IP Windoze NT network in at least one site).

I'm not to worried at weight, would like a reliable 1-2 hours of usable battery life but shouldn't often have need of more than that. I'd like an XGA screen/graphics card but don't know how Debian/XFree compatible those are at the moment.

Bear in mind that I'll be buying in the UK so smaller USA companies are probably not going to be available.

Who'll put in a recommendation and/or a veto?



Chris Evans, Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy,
Locum Consultant to the
  Prudence Skynner Family Therapy Clinic,
St. George's Hospital Medical School, London University
C.Evans@sghms.ac.uk    http://psyctc.sghms.ac.uk/

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