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App, !getty on /dev/tty1?

I'm working on a solution where the client does not want their users to have
to login to Linux (at the console) before running a custom app.  It's a very
"vertical" solution with no need for security and there will be no need to
run anything else on the box.

What I want to do is replace getty on /dev/tty1 with the actual app....
This way, the system boots, the app starts, and that's it.  No login.  Dead

Can it be done?

I tried just replacing /bin/getty in /etc/inittab with the path/filename of
the app, but that hasn't worked....  The app seems to be running (vi ps
auwx); however, nothing shows up on-screen.

Any ideas?  Any words-of-wisdom?  Pointers to tfm are welcome.

Kevin Traas

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