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Re: Can't Copy 161 MB

Dennis Dixon <dixon@dixonadvise.com> writes:

> What I need to do is change one of my Debian (version 1.3) partitions into 2
> separate partitions.  There is presently 161 MB of files in hda6 (the
> partition I want to subdivide) and on my Windows half of the computer in
> Drive D: (hda5) I have 190MB of free space.

Normaly the easiest way (after cleaning up the mess you have :) to
copy the stuff would be "mc". Its located in utils and a very handy
tool immitating the Norton Commander.

Since you want to copy stuff to your MSDos Partition temporary, I
suggest to use tar. That way you won't lose the ownership and
permissions of your files.

May the Source be with you.

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