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Re: [URGENT] smail dies on sending

I have had a problem with smail, and I had solved it... :)

my apologies to extra bandwidth... I had better explain myself...

It turns out smail could not connect to my smarthost's smtp port, but I
could with telnet... bizzarre, but its true.  I only now, cannot connect
with telnet, so I changed to the slower smtp.* host, not the great,
almighty and fast mail.* host.. :)

Anyway, turns out now that I cant `fetchmail` mail from the pop server,
(well, "no mail for mickyb on mail.es.co.nz" for about an hour.. even
after sending stuff to myself..  (different server should work, a friend
does it that way)) but that must be a new technical problem at the ISP's
end.. time to do some yelling.. :)

                       Michael Beattie (mickyb@es.co.nz)

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