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RE: Can only run X as root

George R hat gesagt: // George R wrote:

> Well, I managed to get X to run, but only as root.  I've read manpages
> and howto's until my eyes have crossed.
> When I try xdm as a user I get the message only root wants to run xdm.

> If I try startx I get a message unable to open consol.
> I've checked X, xdm, and startx all three are -rwxr-xr-x.  I know I've
> overlooked something small.  After the bazzillionth time trying this
> half way there.

Well, according to /usr/doc/X11/README.Debian

"/etc/X11/Xserver has two important lines.  The first line indicates
which X server to run.  The second line consists of one of the
following words: RootOnly, Console, Anybody.

RootOnly  means that only root is allowed to run the X server.
Console   means that anybody who is logged in on the console is allowed
          run the X server.
Anybody   means that anybody is allowed to run the X server."

/etc/X11/Xserver would be the place to look. I think mine defaulted to
console, but I have it automagicly start xdm, so I'm not sure...


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