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American Cancer Society Email... HOAX! (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 07:36:13 +0800 (PHT)
From: Cito Maramba <idcm@lagundi.cph.upm.edu.ph>
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Subject: American Cancer Society Email... HOAX!

Sorry to use up the bandwidth but this article clearly shows that the
American Cancer Society DOES NOT DONATE 3 cents for every email received.
It's A HOAX, PEOPLE! And people who pass it on just perpetrate the hoax.


                               Aardvark Daily
   "Spam not ours" says American Cancer Society
   Copyright © 1997 to 7am News
   6 May 1997 
   The American Cancer Society is angry at reports that someone is using
   their name in an apparent attempt to compile a list of email addresses
   from those who fall for a sob-story about Little Jessica Mydek.
   A number of Aardvark readers have written asking if I knew whether the
   email they received was bona-fide or a scam - well it looks like a
   The email states that Jessica Mydek is 7 years old and suffering from
   an acute and very rare case of cerebral carcinoma. It goes on to say
   that she has but 6 months to live and that the American Cancer Society
   and corporate sponsors will donate 3 cents towards continuing cancer
   research each time the letter is forwarded.
   Finally it requests that you email a list of your "collegues" [sic]
   and friends to an email address at AOL.
   Aardvark's research has indicated that the ACS have no involvement
   with this email. They do not have any record of the child in question
   and most certainly do not receive any donations as a result.
   Spokesperson for the ACS, Susan Jacobs, was very keen that the
   Internet public be informed that the ACS has nothing whatsoever to do
   with this email.
   AOL have been contacted to find out whether the address given in the
   email is bonafide and to advise them of a possible fraud.
   Chances are that this is a scam being perpetrated by someone looking
   to obtain a list of gullible Net users who can be targeted later with
   all manner of "special offers" and "we think you're so stupid you
   might be interested in this" type of deals. By claiming the
   involvement of ACS, this is clearly case of fraud and hopefully will
   be treated as such by the authorities.
   The advice of Aardvark and The American Cancer Society is - if you get
   a copy of this email - ignore it, don't send any email to the address
   specified and don't pass it on.

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